Terms and Services

  1. Shipping & Delivery

We work with national and imported products, to always guarantee quality and the best price!

Our suppliers will ship your purchase, directly from the factory to you.

The average delivery time will be approximately 07 to 15 business days, and may arrive earlier.

The tracking code for your purchase will be sent by email, after confirmation of order shipment, between 24 and 72 hours.

We value delivery and seek suppliers that expedite shipping time.

Based on our experience, 90% of products are delivered within 10 days of posting by our suppliers.

If the order is 2 or more products, they may be sent in separate shipments and a tracking code will be issued for each product.

We ask you to be careful when filling in the delivery address, to ensure that it is made within the established period. Remembering that it cannot be changed after 24 hours of placing the order on the website, because within this period the product is separated for shipment and therefore, it will not be possible to cancel the purchase after 24 hours.

In the case of an international order, the tracking information on the Correios website may occur within 3 business days , after the tracking code information. Products damaged during transport are the responsibility of the postal services.

  1. Taxation & Post Office

Decree Law 1.804/80 on imports allows exemption from import tax for goods contained in shipments of up to $100USD (American Dollars) without any taxation. The vast majority of our products are well below this value, not generating any problems of this nature with Customs.

It is important to include the CPF of the person who will receive the order on the payment page, before closing the order.

In cases of customs delays in Brazil, after the stipulated period has passed, we recommend that you consult the Post Office to clarify the reason for the delay.

In some cases, the "Tax Problems" status is related to Protocol ICMS 021/201, which requires the payment of ICMS in the UF of destination of the various signatory states, where the goods are retained at SEFAZ and can only be released after bureaucratic processes. If this problem occurs, please contact us so that we can assist.

If the product is taxed and the charge is unavoidable, and no other resource can avoid its payment, it will be the responsibility of the final consumer. The Xtra Casa store is not responsible for possible costs and fees, added by the government. The taxed customer has 48 hours to contact the company, sending the completed document to the post office that corresponds to the taxation for further guidance.

We ask that you continue to monitor the delivery status through our tracking tool until completion.

We are available for any questions and/or clarifications via email: contato@xtracasa.com .

Our company values ​​the comfort and safety of our customers' purchases. We regret any inconvenience for this reason.

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